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Links of Interest - Non Riding

Just some pages that you might or might agree with, want to read, explore or just ignore.  There is no order to the links.  More to come I'm sure.
Some sites in no particular order:

Easy Final Expense Insurance - My personal company website.  

The confused ramblings of a diseased mind - I've considered a companion blog to this one for a while.  Where I write about whatever I want which is not motorcycle related.  This is that blog and it's only updated when I get around to it.

Angelic Imports - Goufrais Chocolates from Germany.   If you like wine (I do) and Chocolates (I do) then this is a heavenly combination.

Wigglez Wagz - My friend Kat from Europe got a small company going geared to small girls and for those who have a love of all things furry.  Can cat ear motorcycle helmets be that far behind?

Eternidad and Eternidad 2 - My good friend, former boss, and fellow biker Brook Harwood wrote his first, and now second, novel.  It's certainly worth a read don't you think?

Pinball and Lucid Dreaming are two books that my good friend Alan Seeger wrote. You can learn more about his publishing company: Five 59 books by doing that click thing.

Green Party - An alternative to the usual same old same old in Washington and beyond.  You can learn more about Jill Stein on her page

Bernie Sanders - He's the President we want, he (was) the President we needed. 

Boycott Wal-mart - I'm not a fan of Wal-mart for several reasons.

Rowdies Soccer - I'm a soccer fan.  You can visit the NASL site here.  The fan club, Ralph's Mob, here.  Since I live in Tampa now you got to support the home boys.

Pittsburgh Riverhounds - My (original) home team.  The infamous Steel Army is the fan club.  Why "infamous?"  Because they were removed from a home game at the ref's request.  That says something about the passion this group has.

NPR radio - Support it.  Best news coverage around. - enough said.

Vegan Black Metal Chef - Well I am certainly not Vegan, I got to admit this guy makes some tasty stuff.  He's a Tampa native as well.

FreeKibble - A great way to support our furry friends in shelters.  Be sure to support Cats here!

Muddy Hyena - I recently had a chance to meet the mother of this writer.  An interesting woman with stories about her travels to Africa and an outsider's look at American life.

Atlas Obscura and Roadside America - two sites that provide a look at the odd, the offbeat and unusual (generally the more fun and interesting places) in America and beyond.

Florida Backroads - An e-mag that concentrates on Florida's off the beaten path tourist sites and interesting little towns.  The link takes you to the back issues for greater exploration.

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