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Why another blog about scooters and motorcycles?


Because I like to write.  Because when I started reading and researching everything dealing with anything on two wheels I discovered something.   There are lots of forums and "how to" guides for the "gear heads".  Lots of articles reviewing the plus and minus of owning a bike, or a particular model of bike.

Lots of advice about safety.  Not a damn thing about what it's like for the new rider.  I have questions that need answered.

I have questions about insurance, about how to get the best mileage - for example I recently learned I could get an additional 5 miles per gallon by upgrading to premium well as better performance.

I want to know about what to look for in a helmet, what to think about when buying a bike.  These answers were not out there.

So, this is for the new rider.  Hopefully they will learn from my mistakes and avoid them as I learn.  Feedback is welcome and expected.   So lets turn the key in the ignition and gets this SOB on the road.