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Links of interest - Riding

The Scooter Revolution Facebook Page - Odds and ends that I find, links to articles and video's, things that interest me in the two wheeled road that I don't get around to writing about.

Easy Final Expense Insurance - my personal business website.

I'll be adding more as I go and they're in alphabetical order too!

250cc Superhero - The ongoing adventures of a small girl on a small bike with a big heart.  

2 Stroke Buzz - Neat little site with all types of scooter news and reviews.

As the Dude Abides - His reviews of a few scooters are really wonderful coming from a motorcycle guy.  Sadly it's not been updated in a while but I'm keeping the site up due to the reviews he did.

Behind Bars - This link is to information on buying your first bike.  It's a good blog in general but again has not been updated in some time.

Biker Slang - always a good idea to know what's being talked about.

Burgman USA forums - My former ride and some great forums dealing with it.

Detroit Examiner Scooter Articles - a happy little find.  A major city paper which has articles dealing with scooter related news and items.  :)  (As of Sept. 3, 2016 this link seems to be gone.  However please use google to link to archived info)

Farkle Garage - An ongoing web TV series about motorcycling and those that ride them.  Is that the lovely Princess ScooterPie?  Yes, Yes it is.

Florida backroads travel  - A e-magazine about the small towns and little special oddities that you find there.  The link takes you to the back issues for greater exploration.

Formossa Saddlebags - Nice product with great customer service, but generally designed for smaller scooters.

Fuzzy Galore - She called it a "Girlie Motorcycle Blog"; I call it an obsession.

Key West Diary - Life, photography, dogs (and sometimes bikes) in the Conch Republic

Kymco Forums - Just another forum, this one dealing with Kymco products.

Life on Two Wheels - The scooter commuter in Montreal.

Liz Ray has Mad Throttle - I'm not sure if she's serious, silly or just a hummus slut.  An entertaining look at the odd stuff we humans do.   Sometimes their are scooters too.

How to Ride a Scooter Safely - Makes safe riding interesting and should be a must read for anyone that rides.

Mitch's Scooter Stuff - wonderful easy to understand video's about Burgman (and other scooter) maintenance.

Motor Scooter Guide - exactly what it sounds like.

Motorcycle House - Various gear for every type of biker.  I have done reviews of their products now and then and am impressed by the company's dedication to customer service.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation - Training and endorsement.  It just might save your life. Enough said.

Musings of an Intrepid Commuter - Great blog from a professional trainer.

Oasis of My Soul - A man, a dog, a camera....traveling endlessly across America.

Orlando Scooter Society - Something cool in the land of the Mouse.

Princess Scooterpie - A diva on a (formally a) Vespa, lookout world her she comes!

Redleg rides - Year round adventures and some beautiful sites.

Rock the Gear - because it will save your life.

Scooterfile - How did I forget this site?  Great info on nearly everything scoot related.

Scooter Aficionado - An interesting love affair with scooters.

Scooter in the Sticks - Wonderful writing (and photography) from the hills of Central PA.

ScootDawg scooter forums - Just a forum about various scooters.  The old link, which is now read only, is here.

Scooter Nova - umm...ok.

Scooter Swag - Neat little site about all types of scooter collectibles.

Scootin' Old Skool - He has a scooter and is not afraid to use it!

Scooting thru Vespanomics - An older article dealing with the real costs of owning a scooter.  Something to consider if your serious about wanting to buy one.

Scooter Relief - An organization designed to help Scooters who suffer from illness or accident.

St Petersburg Scooter Club - Damned Scooter Trash.  :P

Underboning the World - 2 small bikes, 1 big world.  Crazy...oh yea! (not been updated in some time but interesting reading)

Wandering Wasp - A lone woman traveling the world via Vespa.  Her blog is in English.

Why bike? - because.

Zuma forums - Dedicated to Yamaha's Zuma...I'll always remember my first ride.