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Friday, October 10, 2014

Updates on the download...

Can I describe the last two weeks or so in one word?  Hectic.  There is nothing really going on, This is just a brief update.

Family was visiting us during that time, the little side business I own picked up a grand total of three new customers and suddenly my business partner and I were talking about adding a new driver to the fold.  My new position geared up to fifth gear in participation of changes coming, and I had to prove myself again and again that "bringing in some outside guy" was the best decision the company made.

All the riding that I've done over the last few weeks have been commutes for work.  That is not necessary a bad thing.  I pull into work on Monday and there is one bike there.  Tuesday their are three, Thursday, five are parked into our little motorcycle lot.  Scooters, Harley's and V-stars all living in harmony.

It's still warm here in Florida, the high as I write this is expected to be 82 F (27.8 C) but the humidity has started to drop which makes it a rather pleasant day.  My ride in is becoming routine but I still remind myself about safety, routine is fine...but when something surprises you (and it will) you need to be ready.

Case in point...a trailer without break lights.  Result, Robert cursing.

The ride home makes me relax some, once I'm out of the traffic the ride opens up and I'm surrounded by deep woods and pastures.  The stress of the day melts away.  Again, although I had doubts about moving to Zephyrhills initially, I'm glad I did.

This weekend, it has already been decided, is one where my girlfriend and I do nothing.  We may have dinner with friends on Saturday night, but were catching up on "me" time.  Which means that I may decided to finally pull those weeds in the front yard, or go riding.  One guess what I'm leaning towards.  Guess which one the girlfriend will have me do?

Although I want to ride with a group somewhere.  I'm in need of that companionship.

Lastly, I'm looking for additional motorcycle and scooter blogs to add to my reading list.  I would rather have blogs concentrating on riding, visiting places and the unusual than dry "how to", or "equipment reviews".  I've done those entries myself and there is not a damn thing wrong with them...but what interests me is the adventure.  :)  So if you have anyone in mind, let me know.



Trobairitz said...

When life is hectic those do nothing weekends are the best. Enjoy. Go wild - Stay in your jammies.

Curious - do you find in your commute that everyone uses their headlights in the twilight hours or fog? I've noticed lately how many people can't be bothered to turn theirs on for safety. When the sun is glaring low and you can't see oncoming traffic to see if it is safe to pull out, it sure is nice when they have their headlights on.

Shazza said...

Hi Robert. I enjoy reading your blog. Inspired by so many of you, I've started my own at ... since you asked for new reading material. I've also found loads at Horizons Unlimited

David Masse said...

Robert you've got some hardcore adventure riders relatively close by.

There's Ken Wilson (Lostboater) near Tampa, and Bill Leuthold in Jacksonville.

Their blog links are on my sidebar. See if you can get in touch with them.

Andy said...

I loved the fog in Central Florida, especially the straight County roads. The curves, though, are pretty scary sometimes when vehicles are coming toward you. The lights on a scoot seem paltry at that time, trying to shout, "Beware!! I am here!!!"