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Monday, October 31, 2011

Spook Hill and Bok Tower Gardens - a adventure to be had

I can think of no better day than today to post about my adventures in the "other realm".  Not the realm of spooks and ghosties but the realm of the automobile.  OH SCARY!

We, my long time girlfriend and I, had not been out on a date night for a while and with a rare Saturday off, we decided to go on an adventure.  Spook Hill and Bok Tower Gardens are about an hour away, and I thought it might be an interesting adventure on the bike.  Sadly my lovely GF does not want to ride 2-up with me yet, fearing that I don't have the experience to handle it.  I fear that she may be right, so we made a picnic lunch and off we went in our jeep!

I got to be honest, I was not expecting much out of Spook Hill and frankly I was surprised by the effect.  It left me grinning like a idiot.  Florida is a state full of optical illusions, going down the road it's common to see mirages that disappear as quickly as it appears due to the heat and curves of the land.  The below photo gives you an idea of what the hill actually looks like.

I pulled up to the line and put the car in neutral.  I was expecting to sit for a bit and then feel the car move slowly at first.  It didn't happen that way.  We started to roll. Quickly. Uphill! The girl friend and I looked at each other and smiled.  Just to give you an idea of how quickly there is a video here.  The hill is much steeper than you would think as well.

When traveling somewhere however you should always double check on things.  Sadly we were turned around from Bok Tower due to a private event.  I was disappointed but not to much as we learned that the town of Lake Wales was having its Pioneer Days.

A free event featuring displays, a parade, reenactors and the lot.  We spent the day dancing to country music, wandering from craft table to craft table and eating the usual fair food that has no redeemable qualities. Bluegrass and country music filling the air as a bright sun shone down.

While I would have preferred to have ridden the Burgi over, it was obvious that Spook Hill is best experienced in a car.  With the holidays coming up the lovely Susan and I may yet ride over to Bok Tower and see the sites.  Maybe by December she will trust my experiences enough to climb on back.  Or maybe I'll invest in a sidecar....

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Anonymous said...

Hello Robert!
I haven't been great about reading blogs due to college taking so much time, but I just read through your blog. Wow!
As it turns out, Sir and I want to plan a motorcycle trip, so this will be some great inspiration!
Please be sure and write about Susan's experiences on her first ride--or have her do it. I'd love to hear some thoughts from the back of the seat!
It looks like you're having a grand time. Excellent writing as always!