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Monday, April 30, 2012

Scooter Cannonball 2012

Well this year's Scooter Cannonball is in the books.  Congrats go out to all the riders that made the journey from Savannah, GA to San Diego, CA.   I've a feeling that the 2014 Cannonball will be bigger and better than ever.

It was a lot of fun reading about their adventures on their individual blogs (the links are available on the main page) as well as forums like Modern Vespa and Burgman USA.  I know many of the riders have made lifelong friends and at least one had this as a bucket list item.

Again, congrats go out to all the riders and they adventure they had.


David Masse said...

Robert the 2012 Cannonball was one hell of a spectator blast. Just refreshing the thread on Modern Vespa was as much great entertainment as I have enjoyed in a long time.

So... is this something that's enticing you? Do you have a 2014 Cannonball ambition lurking within?

cpa3485 said...

They came thru Wichita 4years ago, but I missed them. Its good to see, after lots of problems that there is still a SYM or two making the trek.

The City Mouse in the Country said...


I have so much to learn...but I would be lying if I didn't say attempting it in 2014 or 16 is a nagging idea in the back of my head. Your's too?

Spiff said...

Robert, It is Spiff717.

Thank you for your amazing words of encouragement and the excitement you offered on the Ride Stories posts at the Burg Forum. Anytime I was losing steam, lost my way in my head and heart. I read what you wrote and it was game on again.

Your a good one brother, a good one.


David Masse said...

Robert, I was thinking of it in 2010, when I thought it was a cross-continental pleasure jaunt. I subsequently found out that it's not that, at least not if you're in it to win it. But if you have the maturity to skip the competition and ride it a little more laid back, it's still bound to be the trip of a lifetime. I think that doing it on a Burgman, Scarabeo or MP3 with at least 400cc, could be very nice indeed.

Sir Paul said...

Hello Robert,
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will be adding more posts soon, giving a blow by blow account of each day of the Rally from a tail-enders point of view.
I think you got the wrong impression....I did not actually finish the rally, though I did get to San Diego. I burnt/holed the piston in my scooter on day 7. Ah well, c'est la vie. It was still a great time. If you are considering joining in 2014 and having an adventure, I recommend something in the 150cc range or smaller. In my opinion doing the cannonball on a maxi scooter is just another shopping trip in the family minivan, you are certain to get where you are going(barring accident), you will be moving too fast to enjoy the experience, and you will miss meeting all the generous, inquisitive, well-wishers that are spread out all along the route. That of course is just my opinion. I know I would not have had the same adventure if I could do each days leg on 1 tank of gas, and averaging 60mph.
Obviously you have experience on a small scooter too, so maybe 3000 miles on a 125 zuma would not be too daunting for you.
All the best to you, hope to see you in 2014.
Sir Paul