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Saturday, June 8, 2013

An unexpected farkel (and a 2-up update)

See the tear in green?
When I bought Kimmie I didn't realize that there was a small tear in the seat cover.  It slowly got worse over time since it was on the seam, and although I considered it a minor annoyance I knew that I would  have to fix it eventually.   In talking to a few people that supposedly know about these things they felt it would be easy enough to take a fabric needle and nylon thread to stitch it together.

When the dealership decided to call me regarding a few things I posted on Facebook,  and in various groups I belong to (including one they sponsor) to resolve a previous issue, one of the things we agreed on was to fix the seat.   I was simply expecting them to replace the cover and not the whole seat.  So imagine my surprise when I get a new and  upgraded seat?

I'm still not happy with the way the company in question handled the whole situation, but frankly the seat goes some distance to resolve those issues.  I am not however rescinding my original comments.  I've worked in customer service and sales all my life in everything from engineering to banking.  I've trained salespeople for God's sake.  So if I feel I'm will know it.

So far I've only ridden about 50 miles on it (or 80.5 km) and am still trying to determine if I'm happy with it.  It seems a little less comfortable than the other seat did, and reminds me a lot of the previous Burgman seat - which had some issues.   I do like the backrest and that is a great improvement.  Only more miles will determine if it works for me.  Since there are no seams it's not going to tear, which is good.  The backrest seems to be adjustable, but I will have to take a closer look at that.

I also had a chance to drive over the Howard Franklin bridge twice on Kimmie.   I was very curious to see how she would handle the winds of the bay, since I was severely punished for it on the Burgman before.  It was fine.  Not a single issue to be had, but I still don't like driving highways.

Although we got pounded by the first tropical storm of the season this week and last Susan and I did manage to get some 2-up time.  So far just lazy rides around Zephyrhills and our community.  I took my time, being sure to take turns slow (but not to slow) and stay on the back roads.  Susan thoroughly enjoyed it and raved to all the Facebook friends about it.  I started to enjoy it once I realized how the bike was going to react and that I was not going to dump it.  Although in about an hour from now we are planning on going to dinner at one of our favorite places to eat and relax, and that will require me to drive in some heavier traffic, so we will see how that goes..  No, sadly it's not the Taco Bus but I did finally get a chance to eat there last week and enjoyed every second of it!

Until the next update, keep the shiny side up!


Trobairitz said...

I am glad the dealership replaced the seat for you, but can you know if that as an oilve branch is genuine or just due to trying to save face because of the publicity involved int heir behavior.

Woohoo or riding two up. I am glad both of you are enjoying it.

The City Mouse in the Country said...

Honestly, I'm thinking they only made the offer because of the negative comments they were receiving on Facebook and other sites. I will not turn down the seat of course, but for me it was more a issue of bad customer service. It's something that could have been avoided from the very beginning by both of us...and I have already admitted my mistakes in an earlier post. It's what it is, so lets move on.