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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rollin' Robert's Smoothie (and Milk shake) Stand Search

Maybe it's been all the talk about blenders and smoothies lately.  Maybe it's because of the unending heat.  Maybe it was an article in the local paper about milk shakes.

I was thirsty.

Ice Cream runs in my family.  From my father's desire to have a small bowl every night before bed to the unspeakable horrors I've committed for a Klondike bar.  The idea of a "Milk shake run" held promise.

Although I really enjoy a shake from the Steak and Shake chain, I would rather support the small independent places.  I was married to a woman that loved to cook, Susan is a trained chef.  So the idea of trying new flavors or odd tastes does not scare me, in fact I seek them out.  Revolution Ice Cream - with it's "Chicken and Waffles" milk shake -  were going on the list for that very reason.  Another place that was listed as "best drinkable desert" by the Food Network was definitely on the list.  A place like Burger 21 and Evo's, although chains, are place's  I have never eaten at but were locally known for their shakes.  So they were "maybe's" for the list.  There were other places that intrigued me.  That little red barn place with the fresh picked farm fruit down the road from me offered promise of delicious smoothies for example.

I could already see a problem with this plan.  I am fat now.  I would break my poor Kimmy's back if I tried to do this all in one day.  Lucky for me there was even a low fat healthy option!  Nor did I want to grow so big that I knock poor Susan of the back seat.
Another problem is I didn't want this to become like my ill fated plan to follow Florida's wine trail.  I have simply not ridden to these places.  I'm not sure why not.

The Equinox to Equinox rally got me out and riding over hill and dale, but that to fell by the wayside of work, bad weather, home commitments and just a general lack of time.  So I am hoping something as simple as this will get me out of the house and on the road again.  A attempt to sample better milk shakes just may be the driving force I need to get out, and of course there is no time frame to any of it.  I can take my time and explore.  Of course if I happen to come across any rally items I'll be glad to take their photo.  It will give Susan and I an excuse to go out and ride, not that we should need one and with the promise of drier weather ahead we should have no reason not to go riding. 

A little bit of History at Munch's with your ice cream
For example, a ride to a home show (bathroom renovation time oh joy!) lead to an offer to buy lunch for Sue.  As we rode down the road my eye caught site of Munch's, one of the places listed in the article that inspired this little piece.  So, tires squealing, I did a quick turn and pulled in.  I'm glad we did, while my bucket of shrimp and fries was passable what I was really here for was the history.  On the walls were various photographs of elementary school classrooms.  Some of them dated back into the early 1950's.  Hair and dress styles changed in each photo, but it was not until the late 1960's before a black face was shown in the class photo's.  A sad comment on Florida's history in an unexpected place.  The milkshake however was cool and smooth and creamy.  While I'm not sure it was worth the $3 they wanted it, I was sure it was worth the stop.  


This post is not "officially finished" but I see that it's all ready showing up on some blogs that link to mine.  This was due to an "oops" on my part.  So I post it now in its 95% completed status.  


Martha said...

Looking forward to the rest of the story!

I grew up with Steak and Shake. Always good memories.

Martha said...

And don't forget that apostrophe after "Rollin'" !