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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The bloom is off the rose? No, it's just the rose has melted.

It seems that only a few weeks ago I wanted to ride more.  Now, I don't.  I don't even want to think of getting on the bike for more than a short jaunt to the market or barber shop.  Maybe it's the pounding heat and killer humidity.  Even on my way home at night the temperatures remain in the high 80's (high 20 - low 30's Celsius).

It's been hot, it's been rainy.  The humidity has averaged about 90% in the morning, and drops to 65% in the afternoon after the showers. This means that the heat index can go as high as 105. This is either my third or fourth summer in the Tampa area and honestly I don't remember it being this miserable.  I do know that the southern US has suffered a drought the last several years, and things are "returning to normal" here in Florida.

If true, then I'm not sure what to do short of investing in a air conditioner for the bike.  I bought myself a mesh jacket to help with the air flow...still, I am hot.  I get to work after my 30 to 45 minute commute and all I want is to sit and drink water.  I just can imagine going out on a group ride or even just exploring by myself.  In other words...I don't want to ride.

Frankly unless it involves going to the pool, I don't want to leave the couch.

Of course, real life does not allow for that.  Over the last week I've had an unidentified problem with my new Chevy Sonic.  The engine light keeps popping on and it could be 1001 things that are causing it.  Ah, modern technology.

At first it was a manifold valve.  In fixing that the dealership damaged the O2 sensor.  So that and another sensor were replaced.  We had the car back for a day, and guess what happened.  Yep!  Another light!  We are being told it's a sensor on the vacuum.  Although I'm taking a wait and see attitude on that. Luckily the car is still under warranty so this should not cost us a penny.

So my dream of moving towards a totally two-wheeled life is being forced upon me. The only saving grace is that fall will soon be here.


Trobairitz said...

I really hate riding when it gets that hot too. You can get cooling vest for under your gear. Hubby has one. Soak it (or put it int he freezer like a friend does) then as the warm air passed over it and evaporates it cools you off under your gear.

I have also heard that after a certain temperature you shouldn't wear mesh or open your vests as the hot air will get you closer to heat stroke faster.

At that point I just prefer the car with the A/C.

David Masse said...

Rob, you Floridians have to tear a page out of our playbook and come north in the summer.

This year you would have had to aim for Hudson's Bay or Nunavut though.

Hang in there, the really great riding weather is just around the corner.

SonjaM said...

I am the same when having to ride on hot weather. I don't want to lose the gear. So I am not riding if I don't have to (commuting is a different topic, though).
Thankfully I currently live in a climate that doesn't get too warm for too long.