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Saturday, August 24, 2013

10K service.

Almost two weeks have gone by without me putting virtual pen to virtual paper.  I can not make excuse for this lack of writing.  I've done very little riding over the past week or so, other than my daily commute - and even that has been cut short due to thunderstorms and miserable heat that frankly sucks whatever desire I've had to ride out of me.

Add the usual distractions and obligations of my normal job, my self-employment, home upkeep and demands of family and friends it's remarkable that I get out at all.  So with the weekend fast approaching I thought I would get out and ride, with or without Susan.  I was planning on possibly riding out to Tarpon Springs  but again life reared it's ugly head and nipped those plans in the bud.  The oil change light came on AND it was time to have the bike checked over.

Somehow I managed to put 10,000 miles on her and it's time to have Kimmie looked over.  I don't expect any surprises.  Despite my issues with the dealership, they are a well established and reputable group.  I am not sure with the warranty would cover any work needed.    I am just not sure if I want to deal with the dealership again.  Nor  am I sure I would trust another mechanic.  Normally if I have any work done on Kimmie I take her to a small shop in Zephyrhills.  They do a good job and have earned my respect and trust, I really can't say that about many dealerships.  The only time I would be able to have the work done on the bike would be Saturday.  If she's going to get looked over they might as well change the oil as well.

As it so happens Saturdays are the only days I have to myself.  Where I don't have any pressing commitments or "things to do."  I can certainly put off the work that needs done, but I've the time and the money and no plans.  This is the day to do it.

I was curious about some things too.  I've been considering putting heavier CVT roller weights in to increase my highway mileage (currently around 50 mpg) .  I am not sure of the condition of the CVT belt  and I've heard that changing out the clutch springs can increase performance as well but am unsure about that.  Even though I believe that these things would pay for themselves over time I would still have to justify the cash flow in the short term.

Truthfully though the more I ride the less I realize I know about my machine.  The more I learn the more I become concerned.  There was a clear "thunk" the other night on the right hand side of the bike.  I listened, pulled over and looked the best I could...and could find nothing wrong.  I chalked it up to something on the road but I rode in weary of issues.  Kimmie has become my main means of transportation in all types of weather and I have fallen in love with riding.

I can't imagine not riding now.  It's in my blood.  So yea, I'll give up a free Saturday to get the work done.  In the long run it's worth it.


Deb said...

Ditto to that, brother!

I've been off the scoot and off the blogs due to starting up a new job, going through an interview process for a second one, and sleeping and eating the rest of the time.

Here's to getting the machine running and getting out the door as the wonderful riding season of autumn approaches!

David Drouin said...

There is nothing that keeps a vehicle running longer than regular maintenance.

I feel the same way about my bike. The longer I have it the more I realize I don't know. I took a maintenance course at a local college and that helped me get a better grounding in how it works. I do my own oil changes and tire changes but sometimes nothing beats a licensed mechanic. When my clutch burnt out in Florida I had no other choice than to go to a dealership. I would have been in over my head.

Trobairitz said...

Good job hitting 10k miles. I still haven't got that many on my bike but then I don't commute on it either.

Have fun tackling the maintenance yourself. It will be a sense of accomplishment and you'll learn something too. Win-win.

The City Mouse in the Country said...

Well considering I've only had this bike for a few months I am rather happy on putting up that mileage. Sadly I didn't do the maintenance myself, I'm still in the learning stages. One day perhaps.

Unknown said...


I know nothing so don't rely on what I am going to say.

Lighter weights would cause your belt to ride higher on the pulley making for a higher gear ratio, thus higher mileage but to sacrifice low end power

Higher weights would give you better acceleration keeping the belt low, thus poorer mileage.

Also check into the roller shapes. They have half circle ones which are better than the round ones.

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