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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Riderscan...neat idea to good not to share.

What a great and simple idea.  Frankly I will have to look into this.


Trobairitz said...

Definitely a great idea. Thanks for sharing the video.

We have the little convex mirrors on the outside of our motorcycle mirrors just to help see behind us, but to see directly behind you like the video would be great.

David Masse said...

Rob that is a really great idea.

Like Brandy and Brad, I have those little round convex mirrors installed and they do a really good of letting me see the blind spot, but I would install that 180 degree mirror in a heartbeat.

I installed the convex mirrors right after a 5 hour expressway ride from Ottawa to Toronto in the summer of 2013. It's particularly on a multi-lane highway like a 400 series expressway in Ontario or the Interstate in the US where the additional view is really key.

Thank you very much.