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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas - the gearing up saga continues....

The first time I ever rode my Burgie home I knew that the helmet I had was not going to cut it, so I bought myself a full face helmet.  Gloves were something I needed and after a bit of debate, managed to get two different pairs.

A pair of over the ankle, waterproof, oil resistant soled leather boots completed the ensemble.   What I was lacking was a good armored motorcycle jacket.  What I had been using was a high visibility yellow jacket that I used to go hiking around the woods in when I lived in the wilds of Western Pennsylvania.   There was no way I was going to be mistaken for a deer in that!  For riding however, other than the visibility it offered little in protection.

Never mind the date in the corner  :)
For the holiday's then my lovely parents bought me a motorcycle jacket from the good folks over at  It's a Vulcan NF-7003 Armored Waterproof Textile jacket with mesh Panels.

It fit perfectly at my waist and didn't bunch up as I rode in it.  It does have some reflective piping but it's black, so my high visibility orange work vest will be around for a bit longer particularly when I ride home from work at 1 in the morning.

The inner mesh is removable so come the hot sticky days of summer I will not be sweating that badly...I hope.  The armor can be removed as well, I suppose to clean the jacket, but I'm a little weary of that.  The armor is CE certified.

I know perfectly well the physics of an accident.  I'm going to get hurt.  Exactly how hurt is a combination of things.  My speed at the time of the accident, the road surface, how I hit the surface, am I going to hit something else first?  The distance between me and the ground.  I'm not looking for an accident, I sure in hell do not wish to be in one...but lets be honest.  Any biker that says they have never been in an accident of some sort is either a liar or the most lucky fool on the planet.  Ask them to buy a lottery ticket for you.

My hope is having an armored jacket is to protect the body.  Just like wearing a helmet is to protect the brain.  Well I certainly understand the "freedom" argument for not wearing a helmet, my melon is my melon and I'm wearing a helmet.  My desire for a jacket fell along those same line.  A jacket may not save my life, but I'm feeling a little safer wearing one.

I've worn it out a few times now including in a fog filled rainy night.  It has kept me warm and dry and I'm getting used to its weight and feel.  It even folds nicely into my under seat storage.

Thanks Mom and Dad.  I love you,


Dar said...

Nice jacket! Just my 2 cents here because I have fallen, get a pair of armored textile pants. Make sure it has armor at the hip and knees, this seems to be what hits the pavement first. Jeans don't cut it, you end up with ad rash and bad bruising. When I fell my hip & knee contacted the pavement first & then my elbow. Look for the ability to zip down to mesh and you can ride in any weather. I almost bought a Shoei helmet today, but am going to look for a modular one I like instead. Good luck with your gear quest.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

Good on you for caring enough about yourself to wear gear. Glad you like the jacket. I was surprised at how much I enjoy fiddling with gear and how much I've ended up owning. Oh well, no one said riding a scoot was an inexpensive hobby . . . what one saves on gas goes into goodies in this household.

Ride safe and thanks for the share.

Ali said...

Nice jacket and you are looking good in this jacket..
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David Masse said...

Well done Robert. The weight and bulk of armored gear feels strange at first. But you get comfortable in it pretty quickly and then you refuse to ride without it. If your jacket is anything like my summer air flow jacket, it will feel like you're wearing air conditioning as soon as you get up to five miles an hour.

We are in Florida for the holidays and I am apalled at the majority of riders wearing absolutely no gear, not even helmets. The bigger the bike, the less gear they seem willing to wear.

The City Mouse in the Country said...

David, If you anywhere near Tampa let me know. I would love to go on a ride with you. Take care and Happy New Year!

Dar, I work one of the few jobs left in the US where I still have to wear a tie at least part of the day. I am considering pants but it's a compromise between $$, safety and what my job requires. Moving forward I will most likely get the pants as well.

David Masse said...

Thanks for the invitation Robert. No luck, I'm in Lauderdale. Otherwise I'd take you up on it in a heartbeat.

Warm regards,


Anonymous said...

I was in a wreck last month and i am very glad I was wearing jeans, my leather jacket and most of all my helmet. Short cuts my make you more comfortable on the good days but can make you very hurt or dead on the bad ones. Happy scooting man.

Anonymous said...

You look good in that jacket, when is the girl friend gonna go riding with you, or is she completly against it? Is she supporting you and your older riding a bike and what about her, what does she want? You dont talk about her offen on this site or is something she doesnt know about.??

The City Mouse in the Country said...

Hey Anonymous!

Actually the girlfriend is aware of my bike and her and I have talked about riding with me - but due to my inexperience we have decided to wait a bit on that. She is pushing me to get a trike actually! Something to consider down the road. We both have friends that have ridden for years so we are both very aware of the pro's and cons of my chosen form of transport. :)