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Monday, April 28, 2014

Back from the wilds

This is actually just an update.

I made it back from the wilds of Penns Woods without much wear and tear.  Before I left, I was informed that upon my return I would be trained as a First Responder.  Considering what I do, I figured this would be more geared to working with Police and 911.

Boy!  Was I ever wrong.

This is a Medical First Responder training.  This is for accidents, serious injuries and worst case scenario type stuff.  Which, again considering what I do for a living, may not be a bad idea.  It's not your basic first aid training (which I had years ago during one day and promptly forgot).  This is advanced stuff, and requires a lot of study on my part (It's actually a 48 hour course being done in 1 work week).

Not me, but yes I ended up on the backboard eventually
It's something that I think I can do.  I have a solid background in Biology and Science.  I also have a kind heart...and am not sure if I am strong enough to keep calm and cool and focused when all hell is breaking loose about me.  Hopefully, I will never have to use any of this.

If something does happen, if something does go badly wrong it will be good to know that I have that training.  That knowledge.  Now I'm thinking more than ever that I need to find out where and when the next Road Guardian class will be held.

So give me a week.  I need to concentrate on that and work on getting my life in some sort of order.  I'll be back and tell you all about my trip to Pittsburgh and everything else.  Just give me some time...there is some good stuff happening in May.  Some good news on the horizon.

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Trobairitz said...

Good luck with the training and let's hope you never need to put it to use.

Troubadour (hubby) has first aid training as part of his Team Oregon instruction. He's actually had a guy have a heart attack on the range during a training class. Fell right off his bike. Scary. Luckily he was okay.