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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For better or worse...the driveway is full again.

Since I'm under strict orders not to ride it has become very obvious to me that we needed a second car.   It's just became part of living in the modern world.

The lovely Sue has been more than understanding, we have worked around schedules and our secondary income as glorified paper boys to try and make it with one car.   We discussed how it would work with our delivery job.  We have reached a point where the Sonic is just getting to full at any given time.

We would need more space.  We may need to be able to tow something in the near future.  We may need this...or that.  Having just the car and the bike worked for a very long time...but with summer coming (which means more heat and rain) and with my still not knowing when I would be released to ride... and sadly there is a complication I'm not allowed to was time to buy a new (to us) car.

We actually bought it last week.  I still have my doubts, but for better or worse...we are a two car family again.  Now where the hell will I park the bike?


Trobairitz said...

Modern suburbia screams for two cars per family doesn't it?

We are lucky in that the city bus stops at the end of our street so when hubby can't ride I take the bus to work while he takes the car. Somehow we managed to get to 1 car and 3 motorcycles.

I bet you will use it more than you thought you would and one day if you think of going back down to one car it will be a harder decision than you ever imagined.

Canajun said...

It's hard not to have 2 cars these days. And, as Trobairitz says, it will be really hard to revert back top one car (I know, we're trying to do it.) At least with the bike you had an option, so here's hoping everything works out for you and you're back on 2 wheels soon.