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Friday, May 9, 2014

This post has only a working title

I was hoping that the doctors, lawyers and powers that be would be kind enough to release me before the Scooters 4 Hooters event on May 10th.  I really was looking forward to riding in this event but will not be able to.  I already contacted the few people that gave me a donation to the event, their money was sent to the organization on their behalf.

The doctors finally released me and this weekend I will finally be able to reacquaint myself with Kimmie.  Probably just taking her out for a small ride around the neighborhood and maybe to work.  Sadly I don't believe I'm ready to ride to Orlando and back yet.  Its been something like four months since I've done any serious riding.  I want to get those skills back.  I want to fall in love all over again.  Maybe.

At the end of last year I had new goals.  I wanted to take Kimmie further.  I had plans to take her up to Jacksonville on one of my business trips.  I wanted to push myself into 150 to 200 mile day trips.  Now, in a what of ways it's back to square one, mile one.  That is not a bad thing, each and every mile I've ridden so far is a little more experience.

I just don't have the enthusiasm for it that I once did.  Call it a weariness if you must.  Call it a new found respect for what is an admittedly dangerous hobby, call it fear.  Maybe when I start her up, hearing Kimmie purr and feel her surge forward it will be a different feeling.

I'm going for a ride.

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Trobairitz said...

I hope all goes well with your first ride and your love of two wheels is restored.

At least you know to take it slow. I am sure it will be just like riding a bike.