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Thursday, May 22, 2014

and just like that....the spark reignites

It seems like it was only a week ago that I was complaining that I had no get up and go.  No desire to ride.  Yesterday that changed.  I met a guy who I'll call "C" for the sake of argument and because I'm not sure if he would like mentioned in this blog.  Some of us still like privacy.

Anyhow...long story short I'm helping him get used to things in an area of work we call the "fish tank."  He mentions he rides.  He mentions he rides a Honda NC700 model (frankly I don't remember which particular model) which he just bought new.  Out to the parking lot we go!

Thanks to Honda for the picture.
Now I have to admit, it's a sexy little beast and one of those bikes that I could see owning in the future.  Well I'm not particularly a fan of the bikes looks; I tend to be of a touring bike fan and the NC700 models are more adventure bike, I do like the automatic nature of it as well as Honda's reputation in the bike world.

We talked fuel economy, we talked about the Duel Clutch Transmission - his bike has just the standard gearing.  We talked about me jumping on the bike and riding it around the empty parking lot.
An offer I appreciated but refused, telling him briefly about my two accidents and gently declined his offer.  He offered again.

Long story short I think I found a riding partner.  As we chatted he thinks the way I do about bikes.  If you own it you ride it, and the conditions really should not matter.  We chatted about other things and I realized that for a guy 20 years younger than me he got his head on straight...and is a how of a lot smarter than I was at that age.

On the way home I found myself saying..."I really love my bike."  I really love the joy of motorcycling.  We chatted briefly about taking the bikes out one Saturday (if I ever have a Saturday off) and riding with some friends.  "They, sadly, all ride Harley's."  He just smiled.  "Then we show them what our bikes can do." He said.

So plans were hatched.  I've been wanting to ride with my buddy Dave for a while now. I know he is like me to, busy as hell but willing to go on a ride.  Craig, another Harley rider, is new to the area but has been a friend of my girlfriends for years.  A friend of his, Bill, lives in the same town as Mr. C.  Suddenly going places again seems within reach. lists a nice short ride near where they lived called Citrus County 476.   It may be worth exploring.  

The fact that I'm even thinking about this is doing my heart some good.  While I may never have that same fire I felt for riding before, it's good to know that the spark is there.  It's good to feel desire again.


Canajun said...

All good news. It won't take much to fan that spark into a towering flame.

Trobairitz said...

I am glad you found the spark. Looking forward to riding with buddies can make a big difference. Not sure how much I'd ride without hubby to tag along after.

Those Hondas are nice, as are the smaller 500cc versions. I don't think they come with dual clutch though.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

I know my fire for riding ebbs and flows. I went through a drought of desire a while back. I kept riding and it past. Will one come and last? Who knows. I do know when I came out of the drought time it was so very sweet. The bike just seemed to float on the road. IT was magic. May you have much magic.

Deb said...

We all get in a rut sometimes. I like the solitude of riding but sometimes wish I had riding partners too.

Then I find out about a ride I could join and the thought of riding with others seems like work rather than fun.

Ho hum! You are always going to ride, just a question of how and when...enjoy!

SonjaM said...

I also went through this valley of frustration, and non-desire to ride after my accident (I got hit by a flying plywood board, and barely kept my then bike, a Beemer F650GS upright).

After recovery (my knee got banged up badly) I also couldn't get back into the groove for lack of better terms, and I couldn't relate to my bike anymore.

All changed after a break and a change to a slower smaller bike (a Vespa), and later a swap to another brand and model (a Harley Sportster 883).

This got me back into riding after this traumatising event.