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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Expanding my evil social network

I'm the quiet sort.  I tend to be a private person.   I don't tweet, and even though I do have an Instagram account it's something that is not used very often.  If I do use it I'm more likely to post pics of food, beer and wine and odd stuff found on the road other than my motorcycling adventures.

Even though I maintain my blog, I only update it about once a week or so.  As such, world domination via social media was never really on my agenda. 

As I review some of my favorite blogs I start to realize that they have a Facebook presence as well.  Scooter in the Sticks for example has a FB page located here.  Dom Chang of Redleg Rides fame can be found here.  Even a relativity new find, Liz Ray, has a Facebook account here.

I'm sure I'm probably missing several more wonderful bloggers who have a FB page to promote their blogs.  Often I learn of a new blog or article or place I wish to go via this method.

Why shouldn't I?  As such I'm proud to announce my own entry to the already overcrowded social media world.  You can visit it here:

Currently there is not much there but over time I am planning on posting updates to the blog there, as well as sharing interesting odds and ends that I come across.   I also hope to start using my Instagram account more as well.   

Lets hope that I can somehow link all these things to blogger.  I would hate to have to convert everything over to a different format.


Trobairitz said...

There are quite a few people who have the fb sites for their blogs, but I have a hard enough time updating my blog and/or actually checking Facebook some days to add another.

Kudos to you for making the effort.

Conchscooter said...

I use Facebook for single pictures I like and my blog is my blog. I have set up my blog to make it easy and quick to post stuff. I delete pictures I don't like on my phone right away and upload them to picasa (which is still working).