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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sales Challenge - or how many butts can you get on a bike?

Challenges.  It seems that the blogs I like to read are full of challenges.  Take so many pictures in so many days.  Drive to X and find Y.  Is the "Hokey Pokey" actually truly what it's all about?  

To paraphrase an ancient Chinese proverb "A crisis is an opportunity."  Every challenge provides an opportunity as well, to expand our horizons and, in the case of a cup cake challenge, my waistline.  I can also think of no greater crisis than the raising cost of oil and gas (and all that is associated with it) and global warming.  So when a friend of mine mentioned on Facebook that he was interested in buying a scooter I took notice.  A few people at work and elsewhere have asked me about what it takes to get a license, a scooter or what type of motorcycle might be best for them.

Have I got a challenge for you!
This challenge came to me a few days earlier when I stood outside my local scooter dealership soaking up the warm late March sun.  A gentleman came up to me and started asking me questions about the merchandise.  I quickly and clearly identified myself as not working for the dealership and was just getting my bike worked on.  Then I proceeded to give him a little advice about the art of scootering.  Hey, I was bored.

After he actually bought the scooter, the salesman teased me a little bit about me trying to take over his job.

That's my challenge to you.  Convince someone to join the two wheeled community.  Your friends, your relations or coworkers, anyone in fact that you think might be interested in riding or commuting on two wheels.  What I'm curious about is how you would convince them to buy into the two wheeled world.  Are you going to rely on simple economics - gas is only going to go up after all.   Appeal to their "Green" side by talking about carbon footprints or will it be a combination of both?   Or will it be more about the "WHEE!!!" factor about how fun riding a scoot or motorcycle will be.  Will you talk about the sense of adventure?  The history and culture of scooting?

So that is my challenge to you gentle reader.  How do you "sell" a motorcycle or a scooter to your friends?  Your Spouse and loved ones?  Or just some random people off the street?

No prize money will be given away.  no statues will be raised in your honor but you will have the satisfaction of converting another cager over to the dark side.  I'm looking forward to see what you come up with.  Feel free to link your blog to this post.

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