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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just more twists and turns on the road of life.

Lately there have been some changes not only in my life but in the lives of those around me.  Generally speaking they are for the best.  My brother and his wife have worked long and hard to adopt, and that dream is now days away from coming true.

I celebrated another successful trip around the sun (April 6th) surrounded by friends and family.  My 47th such trip.

My girlfriend's daughter is having a birthday soon herself.  Friends accomplish great things.  Old grievances are forgiven.

As I lay out my plans for the coming days and weeks I'm struck by how much can change in a blink of the proverbial eye.  Life is generally good and I am enjoying it.

So far my attempt to ride every day in the month of April has been successful, and has even lead to me finding new roads, new sites and new adventures.  The weather has cooperated with me so far and although the heat and humidity that Florida is famous for is's not here yet.  This heat and humidity have convinced me that I need a lighter summer jacket.

For the last two days I've rode into work wearing just my helmet and gloves.  Well maybe a little more than that, I am after all a believer is ATGATT after all.   Balancing comfort and safety is always difficult and even more so here in Florida.  The weather has been exceptional the last few days, but as I write this, the weather is cloudy and very breezy.  The temperature is 83 F but feels like 89 F (or 30 C and feels like 32 C) .  The humidity is 60%.  It will rain today, the question is just when.

I will wear my jacket today when I ride, which is black and heavy, to protect me from the elements and possible crashes...but I will curse it.  For being heavy and black and so very, very hot when I sit in traffic or at a light.  I need something lighter.  I need something soon.

I am slowly but surely racking up the points in the Equinox to Equinox rally.  Well I may not win I feel that if I continue to add points daily I should, at least, reach my goal of a top 25 finish.  Thanks to Fuzzygalore's website I was able to find some things that I would have missed otherwise, and also learned that I really need to visit some cool stuff that isn't on the list.

Kimmie is calling...I need to ride.


Trobairitz said...

Good for you for getting out on the scooter everyday and especially getting some of the E2E bonuses. I only have 5 entries so far but that number will increase as our temperatures do. It is only 38˚F and raining out there now. Ick blah.

Happy belated birthday!! You've only had 5 more trips around the sun than me.

Martha said...

We are birthday neighbors! Mine was Friday.

Happy Birthday!

Martha said...

Or, since you say "celebrated", past tense, maybe your day is the same as mine.

Dar said...

Happy belated! Chuck out an Olympia Airglide jacket, good protection and breathability. Motorcycle superstore might have last years modl on sale.

Canajun said...

Temperatures in the 80's? Can't come soon enough for me (It's about 30 here right now.) And since I can't ride today perhaps I'll go and check out - ATGATT be damned.

The City Mouse in the Country said...

**Blushes** I went in search of a pic that would show non-ATGATT Canajun. Images for "naked biker" were not going to work.

I liked the idea of playing off the idea of "only wearing my gloves and helmet" when riding into work one day. That photo I thought worked well!

Now I'm all red faced!

Canajun said...

It works very well. :-)

Unknown said...


I think the only thing I remember about this post is ""

Not that it matters but they aren't wearing helmets or gloves

I have a convertible riding jacket where the panels are removeable to reveal a mesh jacket underneath, with full armour

Riding the Wet Coast