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Friday, April 19, 2013

Going further

One very big ant.
This is the last time I'll be mentioning the E2E rally for a bit. Where I have yet to exhaust all the "local"  bonus points that I can gather (I recently found several historical markers and graveyards).  It's time for me to go out and explore other areas.  To go 50, 100, 150 miles down the road in search of something as simple as police stations and post offices (worth 2 points)...or as something as unusual as a giant strawberry painted on top of a water tower (worth 7 points).
I am looking forward to this adventure.  As much as I loved riding the Burgman, a maxi-scooter built for comfort and touring, my current Kmyco seems to want to go further.  It seems that it wants that adventure.  I feel more confident now as a rider, more able to handle the road and the challenges it represents.  My goal for the rally is a top 25 finish (I am # 096  in the rally and you can see where I've been here although the site is slow to update).

My game plan is a simple one.  Gather up points every single day I can.  Submit.  Then repeat.  Of course now that I have to leave my comfort zone and range out further than I have in the past that plan will have to be modified somewhat.  For example, I have my route all planned out for spending a day in Tampa and gathering over 200 points.  Up until now I was able to run around before work.  Now I have to take a day trip.  To be gone for 3 or more hours in some cases...all because my pride demands I finish in the top 25.  I better get a tee-shirt out of this at least!  I better change out my heavy jacket for a lighter one as well.

It does exist!!!
I was in St. Augustine recently (the past two days) but did not ride my bike over since I was with my parents, which prevented me from riding every day.  Now I desire to ride to St. Augustine even more (some wonderful back roads and things to see).  Florida's somewhat tragic past - war, slavery, racism, the 2000 election -  and recent E2E planning has brought up some interesting sites, some things that I would have never of considered going to see.  For example, I can go and visit the World's largest Confederate flag and associated military monument.  Question is...should I?

You can't miss this from the highway.  It brings up mixed feelings in me.  My family lost sons in both sides of the conflict, and we actually have letters from long dead nephews and uncles that fought on different sides in the same battles.  As a human being that has friends of all colors, creeds, sexual preferences and political beliefs the flag also represents some of the worst in we humans. I am also smart enough to know that racism has deep roots and I've done or said things that are racist.  I'm human despite my best efforts.

 Points are points however...and I am not that desperate to finish in the top 25.

This is Florida after all, and sometimes I do see racism.  I also see hope in that, for the most part, Florida is a melting pot of Latino's, Whites and Blacks and every color in between and somehow we all manage to get along.   That's something to be celebrated.  That's something to be encouraged.  That's worth a day trip for.

St Augustine Lighthouse


Martha said...

This rally is a very clever and fun idea.

Trobairitz said...

You really are racking up the points. I still just have 5 photos submitted but with 2 weeks of nice weather coming our way I am hoping to get a few more.

Unknown said...


Good for you for going for the extra points. I didn't want to stress myself out trying to grab all those photos.

Here in Canada we don't have many historic sights, and also we have to take a ferry to Victoria to grab a photo of our capital city. we don't have any NP or NM here either, nor many larger than life figures. so I will watch all of you as you work on your E2E rally

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