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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Scooter Bob loves a Parade (and updates)

3/13/2016 - It's been a busy week.   My bike suffered a breakdown and because of other issues I've not been been as vigilant with Scooter Bob as I should have been.  In fact, today would have been a perfect day to run him down to visit the Manatee's at the Big Bend Power plant or get him kissed by a mermaid.  Next weekend I will be running around all day Sunday afternoon and helping Sue with the annual "Side Door Cafe" project.

Instead I spent some time working on our kitchen remodel and laying around the house in my pajamas catching up on my reading and tv watching.  You need a day off to do nothing now and again.

Scooter Bob nice and snug for the parade
What we were able to do was to get him involved in a parade yesterday.  The town where I live, Zephyrhills, was founded in 1910 as Abbot Station and was a planned community to serve Civil War Veterans.  Today it's more known for Zephyrhills water and being a town full of snowbirds.

Every March though they have a Founders day parade, which was held on March 12, 2016 this year.  This is the first time that I was asked...volunteered...recruited....drafted into taking part in it.

Linda K, who was organizing the group originally wanted me to do something again to Easy Rider, since she thought that "Scooter Bob" was a living breathing person that was visiting me.  She did however love the idea of a little wooden scooter traveling the world and promised that Scooter Bob would get a shout at as our little golf cart passed the reviewing stand.

In Memory of Bob Leong, Motorcyclist, blogger and world traveler.

I don't know if Bob would have enjoyed being associated with Sesame Street characters, the theme of the parade was "the 1960's" and Sesame Street has been educating children since 1969.  From what I understand though, he was a gentle soul and this may have pleased him.  

Overall the wait to actually get into the parade was longer then our particular participation in the parade.  I did hear a few people call out their support for PBS (and I tossed candy in the direction that support came from) but I didn't hear anyone say anything about Scooter Bob.  

I probably should have got a few pictures of him by some of the older cars they had in the parade.  I know he had a particular love of a particular model of car.  However for a variety of reasons I didn't.  That's Okay though, I'm sure there are more than enough pictures of Bob by older trucks and cars.  Still though, I get the feeling that Scooter Bob would not of minded a few pics of him checking out couple of older vehicles.

So for a least a week or so Scooter Bob is going to relax around my house and play with my two cats.  Other adventures are on the way is to short not to have them right my friend?

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Trobairitz said...

I am sure Bob would have loved the Sesame Street theme, he could probably sing the theme song too.

And did you know he was a bit of a cat whisperer? One of the only people our cat Basil would let pet him was Bobskoot.