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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Updates, I do updates.

Finally got a chance to sit down and discuss the activities of the last few weeks.  I've been busy with work, projects and other odds and ends.  It's feels good to get behind the keys of the old computer and write a little.
A few things to discuss.  I like my new rear Pirelli Diablo tire.  I can see why it's the unofficial favorite of riders on the Burgman forums.  I've never really noticed how great a difference in tires can make.  Change a tire or two in a car and frankly I don't see any improvement in performance.  Changing the back tire really did make a difference.  Maybe it's just in my mind but the bike seemed to grip the road more.  The lean angles seemed more stable.   
While the bike was up on the rack the mechanic mentioned that the exhaust gasket was going to need replaced.  Which started me thinking, what else can I get fixed.  The CVT belt has been on for 15K, the owner's manual states it needs replaced at 14K or so.  So they ordered that for me as well.  The late Gary B and I discussed Dr Pulley sliding roller weights.  He suggested upgrading from the factory model to a higher weight as they reduced the RPM's.   Lower RPM's of course increase fuel mileage...and since I ordered the CVT belt I figure "what the hell."   Just don't tell the GF I'm sinking $100 dollars or more at once into the bike.  I've not ordered the parts yet...but giving it some thought.  
Sadly Gary also borrowed by owner's manual before his untimely death.  With the holidays and with everything else I never bothered to ask for it back.  I was able to order one via the local Suzuki dealership.

I've been kicking myself over last Saturday's Scooters 4 Hooters ride in Orlando.  My girlfriend is a survivor of Ovarian cancer and any group that helps find a cure to any cancer is near to our hearts.  I had a rare Saturday night off and learned about this rally to late to do anything about it.

Team Scooter Trash is entering the soon to be famous 2012 Scooter Cannonball.  These are locals from the Tampa area and I certainly hope they finish the race and do it in a grand manner.  You can follow their progress on their website and I believe they will be making updates to the St. Petersburg Scooter club website as well.
Another Burgman rider and his wonderful wife will also be riding in the Cannonball.   Considering how this just might be his last great adventure - he was diagnosed with two serious life threatening forms of cancer.   He's bit it so far, but in the end we all know who will win.   I would love to give out more information about this but he has asked me not to for privacy reasons and I respect that.  

So here's hoping all 60 plus riders return safely and with stories to tell.

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