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Monday, May 28, 2012

Looking forward to the rain.

This may sound a little odd, but I was looking forward to riding in the rain last night.  I need the experience, I need to learn how to handle the bike safely in the rain.  Sure You Tube helps and countless articles about what to do and not to do help...but nothing beats saddle time.

Tropical storm Beryl was supposed to drop at least some rain on us the other day.  So far, not much has fallen.  When I left for work in the afternoon there was a 50% chance of me getting wet.  When I rode home, the roads were bone dry and the chance of rain had fallen to 10%.

I know....don't ask for trouble.  Still though I was looking forward to the rain.


Well I asked for trouble.  I was about to head into work and it's raining.  That's not a bad thing...the bad thing is the lighting storms that are expected throughout the rest of the day.  So I'm taking the car in to be safe.

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