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Sunday, July 15, 2012


A little over one week has passed since I was caught out in the rain.  I've ridden the bike a total time of twice since then.  Once to work, and then back.  It's due to a combination of reasons...if I can make an excuse for not riding...involving weather and timing.  Other duties and distractions have kept me off the bike.

I miss it.

And then I don't.

Yesterday was the perfect day for a ride.  The temperature was low (or lower than it has been).  The sky clear and I had no excuse's not to ride.  The yard did not need mowing, their were no little projects to do.  No needs that had to be met at that very moment.

I stayed on the couch and watched TV.  I had no interest in going out at all.

I bring this up because I don't get to do much in the way of recreational riding.  I am not happy about that but it is to easy to blame my job(s) or girlfriend.  I have no one to blame but myself.

Even now I could be out riding.  The fact that I'm not makes me wonder what type of rider I want to be and what type of rider I am.  Over the last week it's been raining hard during the afternoon and at night, the times I ride to work.  Well riding in a thunderstorm is unsafe and frankly stupid, there have been days were I perhaps have ridden in without issue, but decided to stay dry and drove my car to work.   Am I just a fair weather rider?  Am I just a "scooter commuter?"

How does this bode for my eventual plan to replace one of my two cars with the bike?   What really bothers me is that I bitch that I don't get out enough on the Burgie...then when I get the chance.   I sit and watch tv. 


Deb said...

I had a day just like yours today and I just chalk it up to a need for some "down time" away from regular routines.

My scooter will be there tomorrow...

Sometimes I enjoy "spuddin' out" on the recliner in front of the TV and having no agenda.

It's all good!

Canajun said...

Once you start to feel obligated to ride it takes all the pleasure out of it. Ride when you feel like it, and don't ride when you don't. And if over several weeks the don't's pile up faster than the do's, then it's possibly time to reconsider. Until then relax and enjoy the down time doing something else you like to do.

Martha said...

Deb and Canajun just about covered it! Keep this tussle out of your head. Just accept that you like a break once in a while and think nothing of it. Nice purple couch you have there...

Keith - Circle Blue said...

You have already gotten some good comments. I have noting to add, other than my voice.

When I first started riding I needed an excuse or a destination. That's no longer true. There is a pulse to the riding life. It changes.