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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just a brief note!

Seat's arrived.  Belt is ordered.  I may have someone lined up to help me wrench the bike.   Everything in the world would be good....

except for it's raining.  Very, very hard.

I can't wait.

I've done some riding since picking up Proficient Motorcycling  and have been trying to apply many of the technique's that are mentioned in the book  I realize that my basic licensing class I took so long ago applies nearly everything this book does.  With one glaring exception; using the front brake in curves.  I was taught to always roll off the throttle and apply just the brake.  To apply both seems strange to me and has taken a little getting used to.  Sadly most of the turns I ride are gentle sweepers and I've not had the chance yet to apply this technique to sharper turning back roads yet.

The other thing I find interesting is my perception that the author wants us to cover the front brake at all times?  Something I was doing before and was told it's a bad I made myself brake that habit.  Now am I supposed to do that?  Again I see the logic, but it just seems a little odd that I have recieved conflicting advice.

Such is life, such is riding.

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