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Friday, August 3, 2012

Wants and Needs

Turn on tears in 3...2...1
I've been thinking about Wants and Needs lately.  For example, I knew that eventually we were going to have to get a new car.  My old Elantra was getting to the point where it would start nickle and dime-ing me to death.  My girlfriend's Jeep, while still in good shape, had some issues.  Nothing that was major and we could have used her Jeep for the foreseeable future without problem.  The only drawback was her MPG was low, at only 15 - 18 miles per gallon, and with gas being what it is having that as our only car would have been costly.  Due to the delivery routes that I run for some extra scratch.  Well that and the Jeep went through tires like crazy.

Still though, we did not NEED a new car.  That's not buyers remorse.   So far I'm very happy with the Great Pumpkin.  However being a one car family puts me into an interesting position of trying to determine what I actually need and want to take on my daily commute.  For example, I need to take a change of clothes with me now in case of rain, and the weather in Florida is even more unpredictable lately than it normally is.  The storage in the Burgie is wonderful, but now I have extra clothes, my helmet, my jacket, a towel, rain gear and other things to worry about.  Well I did buy some good rain gear, their have been times it has failed me.

A example cover
After I arrive at work I can park under a overhang which protects the bike from the weather but I've still considered getting some sort of motorcycle cover for it, after all it's still exposed to the elements even under my car port.

But then again, where would I put that?  Which brings up the idea of a top case.  Advantage, more space to put crap...and if I got one that hooked into the electrical system a little more light during the hours I ride home from work.  Disadvantage:  Do I really need more crap?  I'm trying to simplify my life!  I don't really need that at this stage of my life, but I could see myself wanting one in the near future.  I want to replace the sliders.  I want a new Givi Windshield for the bike as well.  But again, wants vs. needs.  

What I am going to need is a new belt for the CVT soon.  My belt has roughly 20K on it and to the best of my knowledge is the original belt.  Suzuki suggests you change the belt at 12 - 15K.  The good folks over at the Burgman forums suggest 20K is more reasonable.  My front tire seems a little funky as well, so I will be replacing that soon as well.  Now...where do I find the money for all this!


Dar said...

Get a topcase, it just simplifies everything. What I have found with everything bike there is always another thing I need or want to buy. I recently bought a new rear tire $170 installed. I would like to get saddle bags because I am tired of hauling around a backpack everyday for my work commute. A windshield is on the to buy list as well. I can justify all my wants and turn them truly into things I need, but it all comes to a grinding halt because I have to find the cash. So in the end I probably will keep hauling the backpack and making due without the windshield for now. My conclusion bikes are the land equivalent to boats which are money pits on water.

I dont think you would regret the topcase, I loved mine on my scooter. Luckily my bike is shaft driven so I don't have a belt to worry about.

The City Mouse in the Country said...

I have a older beat up knap sack that I could use to put my clothes in, but honestly I'm not sure if it's waterproof. If it's not then I'm defeating the purpose. Somehow somewhere I lost my good backpack from my hiking days. If given the choice I would prefer the top case.

Dar said...

I found the best thing to keep things dry in my not SI waterproof backpack, the sell giant ziplock bags & I use is as a liner in my backpack.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

I have a topcase, but perhaps because I don't have any protection from the elements where I park at work I find I use a backpack a lot. If it's raining its a pain to get the topcase open. I have an Overboard backpack I bought on Ebay. It is waterproof and has worked great. I just get off the Symba and walk to the building.

I've found there is always something else I want bike related or gear related. I tell folk I save on gas, but I'm not sure I save any money. Yes, the wants and needs question is one I'm familiar with.

Apparently the makers of raingear have a different idea of what waterproof is than I do. Oh well, trial and error has made me a believer in Gore-Tex.