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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resetting the Odometer

On the way home from work tonight I was thinking about my bike, riding and how many miles I put in this year.  I accomplished a few goals, I finally found the time to do some pleasure riding...traveling just to travel and hitting part of the Green Swamp Encounter; which I had been wanting to do for some time.

Maybe add a "bumper"?
At this time I don't know what my final mileage for the year was.  I am under doctors orders not to ride for a bit, and my bike is in the shop getting healed anyway.  I know I was close to a milestone.  20K?  15K?  I may call up Affordable Motorsports after the new year and find out, just to have a record.  At this time I am planning on riding, once I get my bike back, and in 2013 have several goals I want to accomplish.   It's slow baby steps...but this accident was also a wake up call.  They really are out to get me.

In a lot of ways with the coming of the new year I will be "resetting the odometer."  While I like my job at 3M, I've also reached the conclusion that it's probably a dead end for me.  BUT, that is okay for now.  It has killer medical benefits and a decent retirement program...and at this point in my life (I'll be 47 this coming year) that matters.  Plus what really interests me right now is my secondary job.  I know I'm just a glorified paper boy...but I'm my own boss.  If all goes according to plan next year I'll make about 15K.  Not great money to be sure but good money.  This job has paid for oriental rugs (a passion of mine ever since I worked at a rug store one year in college), furniture and cruises.  Now if I can only get the Goufrais Chocolates into a few stores life would be grand!

I'm also planning to purchase a second home in January for rental income.  Well neither of these little side projects will replace 3M it's nice to have options.

We have to reset the odometer in another way as well.  Due to some health reasons (not mine), our household is going on a low-glycemic diet.  It will take some getting used to...but I will cheer her on, she will cheer me on...that's what you do in successful relationships.  Lucky for us our little garden in the backyard is growing nicely.  We are using a one-pot system, meaning that one or several plants is grown in a container.  It saves time on weeding, prevents erosion and keeps bugs to a minimum. Another added benefit is bending is kept to a minimum as well!  I'm old damn it!  Right now we have two pots going but are planning on expending our garden in other ways.

I've been tempted to start a food blog about this new adventure, but I don't feel qualified.  I eat well, but if left to my own design it be mac and cheese and pizza most nights.  Lets be honest, nothing beats the taste of food grown and picked fresh out of your own backyard.  In case your wondering, we are not allowed to plant a full garden in our we are using urban gardening ideas.

Speaking of blogging, I am considering doing a political blog.  I'm a dyed in the wool Dem but don't always agree with my party.  I actually joined the Green Party a few years ago and believe that there has to be an alternative to the current sad state of affairs were in.

Or I might just take up the challenge of something I was working on years ago.  I was part of a team that was trying to edit and publish a "rough guide" to US soccer.  It fell apart due to various egos, mine included, but such a thing would be easier today...and easier to publish as well.

So lets reset the odometer, look down the road and consider the possibilities.  2012 is gone, 2013 is coming and it's going to be an interesting year.  That is a given.

Happy New Year to you where ever you may be!


Canajun said...

The New Year always comes with a blank slate and lots of possibilities. It looks like you have several options to pursue and likely more to come as the year unfolds. So here's wishing you a successful 2013!
Interesting your comment about a political blog. That's basically how I got started blogging but I just found the whole scene (posts, comments, etc.) way too negative and divisive - it seems no one is able to have a rational conversation about politics any more. And after a while it slowly died because I found it was dragging me down. You meet a much nicer group in the motorcycle blogging community.

Martha said...

Thanks for that link to Webecoist. Interesting ideas there.

Sounds like you have a great start to the new year laid out!

Best wishes for happiness and health!

The City Mouse in the Country said...

Hi Martha, I recently came across it and like some of the ideas. I was originally trained as a Biologist (how I ended up in Engineering is a long story) and have been interested in sustainable agriculture for some time. I've not had a garden in some time and am looking forward to starting one again.

David Masse said...

Happy new year Robert, I look forward to reading along and sharing vicariously!

Keith - Circle Blue said...

I still haven't made the effort to see if I wrote down my end mileage last year...or, look at my own blog to see if I recorded it there. I don't know if I care so much anymore. I do know the Symba is nearing 20,000 miles in under three years.

And, yes, they are out to get you and me. Careful is as careful does...but, sometimes careful ain't enough. Glad you are on the mend.

Happy New Year and I'm pulling a chair up next to David.

Motorcycle Exhausts said...

Interesting.Your garden must be much bigger now...are those tomatoes?