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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

End of the year mileage and looking forward.

First things First!  Happy New Year!

Way back in February I bought Kimmie.  At the time she was not the bike that I wanted nor did I particularly think she was a good bike.  Now here I am 10 months later singing the praises of Kymco from the roof tops.

In other words, she has grown on me.  Some things I liked and didn't like have been addressed on her this year - such as adding a Top Box and a new seat.  Other things I was plain wrong on, for example the fuel tank holds 3.1 gallons of fuel and not a little over 2 as I originally thought.  The original mileage on Kimmie was 2220 and my end of the year mileage was 15,202.   So I put 12, 982 on her in 10 months.  A figure I'm rather proud of!  In fact, Sue and I actually got into a bit of a fight because I wanted to go riding Monday and she had other plans for me (she won out by the way).

In 2013 I set myself a goal just to ride more.  I managed to to that.  I rode to places I've never been and with people I never rode with before.  I managed to go further.  I started to make Kimmy my main means of transport.  I managed to get more gear.

Now in 2014 I have a similar vague goal.  I want to get out of my comfort zone.  Nearly all the riding I do is in my neighborhood and back and forth to work.  I want to try an overnight trip.  I want to ride to Jacksonville or St Augustine or Miami.  I want to try a 200 mile + day - or at least get more 150 + mile days in then I did the previous year.

I want to ride more with Sue on the back.

Breaking out of my "comfort zone" is all well and good but I also need to be safe.  I can honestly say I don't know how long I've been riding.  All I know is I don't' want to stop.


David Masse said...

Rob, set your sights on Key West. Now that would be a really nice leisurely ride down the west coast, across Alligator Alley, then down the Keys.

February would be a nice time for that.

I'd surely follow along vicariously.

Trobairitz said...

Happy New Year and congrats on your mileage for the year.

IOt was a bad riding year for us, I think I'd be lucky if I did 10-20% of that.

Conchscooter said...

Every kind of wild eyed adventurer points their wheels at key west. Nothing to see here.:)