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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The dog days of Summer

It's been hot.

Actually let me correct that.  IT'S BEEN FREAKING HOT!!!  With the heat index up at around 105 degrees (40.6 C) lately riding has not been that comfortable.  To make matters worse we have had at least a 40% chance of rain every night...and it seems that every night it rains on me when I'm leaving work.

Last year I would have ridden in anything below a 50% of rain and in all type of weather, as long as I felt safe to do it.  Now...while now it's just easier for me to jump in the car, crank the AC to winter cold and go to work.  Add in a summer cold and some meetings at work where I've been required to wear a suit two days out of the five the past couple weeks and you (hopefully) understand why I've not been riding.

Kimmie is in the back
I know..."Stop making excuses Robert and get out there and ride!"  This heat however has sucked all the fun out of riding for me, and even the daily commute, which has been traditionally done on the bike, is getting to me.  The parking lot at my job is full of scooters and motorcycles, so if they can do so can I.  I have lead a small and quiet one man campaign to try and get more bikers to commute, so in a way...I'm betraying what I believe in.   But the car is so cool!  I'm almost tempted to return my Rounders patch.

So Kimmie sits.  She runs well when I do take her out, the electrical issues she's been having are (hopefully) resolved.  Although I've played with the idea of replacing her, I still have her...I still enjoy riding her.

This will pass...these doldrums will ease.  Much like the sailors of old I'll wait it out.  In the coming week the temperature and humidity are scheduled to drop and I'll be able to ride in a bit more comfortably.

If all goes well I'll be moving into yet another position at work, my fourth department in ten months - they keep moving me because I'm good at what I do - and I'll be able to ride into work early in the morning...avoiding the worst of the heat.


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