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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Music to scoot by......

I was thinking about what to post for this coming week.  I have a ride or two planned for the weekend with pics.  But for now:


Courtesy of Karen Giezyng - the owner and publisher of Bump Start Magazine.  The artist is Chuck Mead.


Canajun said...

Great song, great video!

David Masse said...

Robert, it's nice that you get to ride year round. I'm in withdrawal. I had to rummage in the garage for some stuff which meant the Vespa had to come out of hibernation. I could resist firing it up. I didn't ride, but it felt good to hear the motor and feel the weight of the bike under me.

Enjoyed the video. I wonder how much planning and editing went into the little unassuming video. I'm guessing hours and hours and hours. From scripting, coordinating the riders, directing, filming, and then editing. It had to be a labor of love.

Michelin Motorcycle Tires said...

Lord, I wish it was Friday....but not in winter. I enjoyed the video and song either ways :)