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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Voting - Yea, it matters.

Florida allows early voting and when I finally crawled out of bed on a Saturday morning, I thought I would go vote and not have to deal with the lines on Tuesday.  What met me would have been a two hour wait in line.  So I decided to do it on Tuesday (I'll probably have a longer wait then).

Democracy in action.

If you have not yet voted.  Then go vote on Tuesday.  Because your vote does count...and sometimes your vote can be counted over and over again.

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David Masse said...

Robert, it's odd. The US generally has machine voting, in Canada we still have paper voting. We aren't free of electoral fraud of course, but voting here seems to be far more efficient than in the US. CBC was reporting 7+ hour line ups in advance voting in Broward County (Hollywood, Fla.).

That's just nuts. Maybe it's because the Governor is a Tea Party guy, and south Florida may be suspected to be a democratic stronghold.