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Friday, December 6, 2013

Just Go.

All roads lead somewhere, and once your somewhere... you can always find your way home. - Teri McDonough Wilson

It's nearly the middle of December already and I've not written much.  Nor have I ridden that much.  Life, the holiday's, work...these are all excuses.

So it's good to get out.  I went out the other day, sans jacket and with my visor up, letting the cool air blow around me.  The winter sun is weak but it's a warm day - cool by Florida standards - and I dip over hills, through curves.  I lean right, left, turn the throttle up as I hit a straight away....a hours ride turns to two.

It's odd to just go with no destination in mind.  I really don't care where I am.  I turn left because the traffic is heading to the right.  I turn right because the road sign has an odd name.  I am not yet lost, but I don't know these roads.  I don't know this part of town.  It's okay, I don't need to know.
I ride through a swamp which stinks of rotting flesh and I startle some carrion birds, their black masses raising quickly, and they bitch at me for interrupting their meal of armadillo.  I wave at them absentmindedly.

Suddenly I know where I am, as I turn towards home.  I pass the entrance way to the park, I'm not done yet.  I need to go, to ride for a bit.   I feel the weight and the responsibility of maintenance, jobs, bills and being a adult slip away.  I'm a kid again, I swerve the bike running between imaginary cones on an empty street.  I consider popping a wheelie...but the adult in me frowns at that idea.  Some times the adult needs to be listened to.

The opportunity to go.  To get out.  To ride with no destination or time restraints does not offer itself willingly to me.  Sometimes I let it pass me by; after all there are books to read, food to eat and wine to drink.  I find myself yearning for some of Belize's Cashew Wine.

I think of trips, places I've been...the epic adventures I've had and know that at this moment I am happy.  At this moment I am free.  At this moment I am living an adventure.

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SonjaM said...

How could I miss that one. Lovely write up!