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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Finding the connections.

The world is full of such beauty, and we only get to witness but a glimpse. - Gorge Takei

When I was a younger man, when I felt down in the dumps or lonely or when the stress of the world got to me...I would go for a walk in the woods.  

Sometimes I go for an hour, or a day.  Or a few minutes in one of Pittsburgh's parks where I would unwind listening to the songs of a few wild birds or the gentle play of water in a fountain, I would close my eyes and let the city fade away.  There was just something about getting into nature, even when it was in the center of the city, that felt right.

Thanks to Citiparks of Pittsburgh
That's a little harder for me to do in Florida. and one of the reasons I love to ride my bike.  In this year alone I've seen cow pastures reduced to dusty parking lots.  Fields of flowers that used to reach for the sky now full of sky scrapers.  This is just on my daily commute.  Only the Lord knows what the future holds for the city of Tampa and it's every growing sprawl.

So when I can I get away, going down an old farm road where I can smell citrus when it's in season.  Going past gossiping cows who look at me with a passing interest, then go back to the grazing.   I look up at the sky and see pinks and grays and the far away flash of lighting.  I think about nature, about how I need to get away.  How I need a vacation.  How I need to reconnect with the world.  How I need to recharge.
Sunset by Jen Whitehawk

July has been a harsh month on me.  I consider briefly just continuing to ride.  Ride on and on and then wonder where the hell I am.  Just to get away from the stress and difficulties of modern life.  I think of Ari and Spirit, and what it must be like to be truly free...but then I remember I like the comforts of  a Candlewood Suites where i stayed in Jacksonville.  I've slept on hard ground, and prefer the softness of a hotel bed.  Of not having to cook my own food.  Of not wondering where I will be tomorrow.

Lately I've been riding back and forth just to work, but I may take the long way in.  The back roads, the odd little side streets, The quiet back streets of Zephyrhills at 1 AM when no one is about.  My confidence grows and I know that soon enough I'll be riding my hidden back road, a few other twists and turns that I found one day by accident while coming home from nearby Plant City (which is a planned ride and post in itself one day soon).  

Now if only the weather would break...I need to reconnect.  

I need to get out into the world where I can be left alone with my thoughts, where I see birds in flight or maybe a big old tortoise taking his time with a piece of apple.  I feel the need to recharge.


Canajun said...

Great post. Several years ago we moved from the city to the woods - literally. We are surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest with the nearest neighbor about 300 yards away. After years of working in high-tech the stresses were buried deep, but it didn't take long before I could feel the pull of nature drawing the stress from my body. It's not all idyllic but it is a lot more peaceful.

David Masse said...

I struggle with this too. I need a fundamental change to recharge. More than a walk in the woods. A changeover of daily life. New job, new place to call home, the whole kit.

Getting away just won't cut it. Not if afterwards it's back to this 'normal'.

I need another 'normal'.

Hang in there Rob. I wish you a better August than the July that's wearing thin.