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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hitting our goals and more - Some thoughts on the DGR

A couple of days ago I not only hit my modest goal for $500.  I exceed it!

I have to be honest, I would not of done it without the help and support of one person in particular who wants to stay anonymous for what ever reason.

I'm not sure if he reads this blog or not, I'm not sure if anyone reads this blog to be honest.  However I feel that he deserves some recognition.

I didn't know who he was when I first got the message via Facebook.  So I asked.  He and I belonged to the same forum.  He had, sadly, came down with an illness - and although he never told me what it was, and I will not pry - it would not surprise me if it was indeed Prostate Cancer.  He donated to me, he helped support me because I sent him some kind words and encouraged him throughout his fight.

Truthfully, I don't remember doing this.

What I do know is this.  Even though it's going to make me sound like a hippie.  We touch each others lives in ways we can't fathom.  That smile you give may be enough to give someone enough energy to make it through the day.  That helping hand you extend means something to someone, somewhere.

David Massey of Life on Two Wheels fame donated to me, I have not yet returned the favor.  He's a bit older than me and a bit more experience in life and in riding.  We have yet to meet or talk but I call him a friend.  Other than blogging, scooters, a love of jazz music and the fact that we both have "Susan's" in our lives we have nothing in common.   That is enough for me.

I took Scooter Bob out and about, not because I met or were friends with Bob Leong.  However he always encouraged me to write and ride.  So I wanted to be part of something that honored his life.  The little guy is still traveling, even today.

There was a time I had to pull over to answer my phone that was incessantly buzzing in my shirt pocket, and I was not paying attention to where I pulled over, getting slightly stuck.  Two riders I didn't know pulled over and offered a kind hand.

Or the time there were four of us; a trike'd out Harley Davidson playing country music, two BMW's with their riders all in leather and myself on Kimmie...going down the road in a impromptu group.  We chatted at red lights, joking and smiling....listening to the music.  We drove like that for 20 miles.

Recently I helped a rider that went down.

Brotherhood.  The brotherhood of two wheels.

I am glad I met my goals to help out someone I may never met.  Maybe my dollar will be the one that leads to a breakthrough.   Maybe I can give someone one more beautiful day.  Maybe I can finally make it to the annual Scooters for Hooters ride this year.

That's another charity event that I've been wanting to do by the distance always scared me off.  Orlando always seemed so far away.  Not so much anymore.  Although for that one I don't think I'll fund raise as much as just pay my $30 and ride in the event.  I don't want to hit my friends and family up to often for money.

Finally though...seriously, thank you.   Thank you for your support, your love, advice, slaps upside the head and general caring.  It does mean something to me.

And Anonymous...thank you most of all.   Without you, I don't think I would have been able to hit my goals. If anyone else wishes to donate please go here:  My DGR page.

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1 comment:

David Masse said...

Nice post Rob.

I think the key to leading a good life is to help when you can, be kind, and avoid as much negativity as humanly possible.

It seems to me you and I have pretty much the same recipe.