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Friday, January 16, 2015

Fort King Road (being thankful)

**EDIT**  Please see the bottom half.

I had forgotten this road.

  Like many roads in Florida it is straight, unlike many roads in Florida this one cuts through hilly terrain.  It's not very high, it's peak is only 254 feet above see level making it one of the highest points in Florida.
From the E2E rally 2014

Over the last few days I've been driving this road, running between my home in Zephyrhills to the hospital in Dade City. It's a short run, only 11 miles (17.7 KM) but it feels good to look off to the side and see farmland stretched before me, or two horses galloping about.  A lone plant with golden flowers growing in a otherwise empty field.

I love how I crest a hill and look out over acres of land, how old to realize that yes; your looking at acres of land when you only a few hundred feet above the plains.

I wish I had a camera, other than my phone's, and I vow that in the coming months that is going to be my goal.  To stop and take more pictures of what catches my eye.  To capture moments before they flutter away.

Statue in Plant City.
Since the new year it's been an odd time in the Wilson home, while we are financially stronger then we have been in a long time, what really matters - our health - is low.  Those that I love are frankly not doing very well, I know I still have a cough from the flu I had in December that will not quit. It seems to be aggravated when I ride.

So for now I will be thankful for those moments, those little joyful moments of cows bellowing, of horses leaning on fences and playful light off of the many lakes in Florida.

**EDIT**  I was originally not going into the reason into the trip to the hospital, but since the lovely Susan posted about it on her Facebook page: I feel I can mention it here.  Susan has a variety of medical issues including but not limited to high blood pressure and diabetes (type 2).  Recently we learned that her knee would have to be replaced and she was placed on another medication.  Long story short the meds interacted in such a way as to have her collapse in our driveway.  She ended up in the hospital and was there till Wednesday morning.

I did not ride the bike back and forth but took the car due to a persistent cough.  


Trobairitz said...

I hope everyone feels better soon.

It is nice you've been able to get out on the scooter though.

Martha said...

That's not good! Get that cough whipped and get well soon. You can always get worse, choose better.

SonjaM said...

It's no fun dealing with medical issues at no time. It sucks to be honest. Wishing you both speedy recovery.

Michael J. said...

I hope everyone gets on the mend! I love getting up to Ocala on my scoot when I can. I know ZH is similar.

Deb said...

Hope you feel better soon!

I love your scooter and the places you ride. Nice to scoot vicariously in the winter time!

Dar said...

Oh no! I hope you are both on the mend soon. You are in my thoughts & prayers & I'm sending healing vibes your way.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

It always seems to be something doesn't it?

Glad your finding moments for gratitude in the midst of these goings on.

I, too, add my voice: May all be well soon. Or, at least, well enough.

Take care, please.

David Masse said...

Rob, only seeing this now. Glad Sue's feeling better.

I had the flue over the holidays. Seemed like I was sick for a month. Hydration is important. Lots and lots of water.