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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

731 days and counting.

Yesterday was mine and Kimmie's two year anniversary

Well it has not always been a smooth and easy relationship.  It has been a rewarding one.    It was a forced marriage but we have learned to tolerate each other quirks.  At our best we are partners, slicing through the curves and harshness of life.

She has been taken care of the best way I know how.  Maybe not pampered but I've given her a new seat, a top box, a new headlight.  In addition to the usual maintenance that one has to do on a bike.  I have no desire to replace her.  Even though we have had some rough patches.

It's surprising to me, how much this little beauty has worked it's way into my heart.  I can't help but wonder if the love I have for her is due to the nature of the bike, the nature of riding or the place I am in my life.

All I know is that I don't want to stop.


SonjaM said...

A guy in love ;-)

Dar said...

Sometimes love is a hard fought battle built on highs and lows. I am glad you are both coming to an understanding and the bond is growing. She really is a beautiful looking scooter.

Canajun said...

And may you have many more happy anniversaries!

Trobairitz said...

Woohoo. Congrats.

Why you love your ride is probably a combination of all three things.

Shazza said...

Don't stop!

Deb said...

Funny how we love a machine like a scooter or motorcycle. Maybe it's because of the experiences that it gives us or the look and curve of the thing.

Some of mine I've loved and mourned the loss of, others I could not wait to get out the door to the new buyer.


Enjoy your baby for a long time more...congrats!

BWBandy said...

Interesting blog.