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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crash Detection and Response - there is an app for that.

Doug over at 40 years on 2 wheels posted this.  I'm passing on the gist of the idea because I think it's a pretty cool idea and it's free.

If you have an Android driven smartphone you can sign up for a free app called CRADER.  It's from a company called ActionXL.    The application uses your smart phone's motion sensor to sense a jarring movement, so in case of a crash, the app sends a text message complete with GPS coordinates to whatever phone number you've specified.  So your friends, family and one would hope, emergency services would be instantly notified.  If your riding alone in a rural or remote areas, CRADAR provides a degree of security you might otherwise not have.

I suppose it could be used in other ways as well.  The app is free and can be found in the app marketplace.

Special thanks to Doug's wonderful blog for bringing this to my attention.  I hope he don't mind that I stole his blog post.

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Dar said...

Robert this looks like a very cool app. I think I need to venture into the world of smartphones.