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Friday, February 22, 2013

The first non-commute ride of the year - Sleepy Hollow Run Part 1

Ever since I got a larger scooter, I cut my teeth on a Yahama Zuma 125, I've been wanting to go on a group ride.  For a variety of reasons this never happened.  My regular job requires me to work 4 PM to 1 AM most nights, including weekends.  Sometimes other plans interfered   Sometimes illness or just bad luck.

So when 2013 rolled around on of the goals I had set for myself was a group ride to somewhere, anywhere. I have been a member of various scooter clubs at least in theory for a while.  So when I had a free weekend and the St. Petersburg Scooter Club planned a ride up to a biker bar in Floral City, Florida...I couldn't resist.

The Sleep Hollow Run according to was  a 68 mile run from where I would be meeting the group.  The run was well reviewed and I had been warned it might be a little twisty.  So I spent a few hours on Friday prepping.  Made sure the oil and coolant were good.  That I had the proper air in the tires.  I even watched a Motorcycle Safety Foundation video on safe group riding procedures.   Even got new batteries for the camera.

I also decided that my Kymco, which I've nicknamed "Kimmie" has a personality.  Generally speaking I don't name my machines, but I picture her as being a punk rock girl.  It seems that if I treat her right she'll make me happy and always get me home.  If I treat her bad or abuse her...then there will be hell to pay.

This trip would serve as our "first date."  We are a couple, Kimmie and I, but I'm not sure if I will grow to love her like I did my Burgie.  It's a arranged marriage.  Only time will tell if it turns into love.

So I'm ready, I'm looking forward to taking Kimmie out on the roads and seeing what she can do.  Pictures and maps to follow soon.


Trobairitz said...

Great post and that picture really does seem to go with the name and picture you paint of Kimmie.

I have mixed emotions about group riding. I've been in big groups and small groups. About 7 people is the max for me anymore. Easier to keep the group together and not so much waiting to regroup. My last group ride was 26 riders and it wasn't much fun. Oh course I was riding sweep behind the newest riders so it was a little slow going. Our favorite is just a group of 2-3 bikes.

It will be interesting to see if you liked group riding.

Martha said...

"Kimmie" the cartoon has a face and demeanor like I did when I was young. I don't look like that anymore, but I sure still act like that...

I need to try out a Zuma.

Canajun said...

Have a great ride!

Keith - Circle Blue said...

Love the image.

Now, I'm waiting to watch this relationship develop. I think it has potential :^)

Motorcycle luggage said...

Glad to see the emotional attachment is developing... I like the name.