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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So why a name change?

First of all there is the much better written Life on two wheels, the scooter commute.  This blog has been around for some time as well and I felt like I was stealing the name.

I am smart enough to know that my reasons for getting a bike; part greed, saving money is always good.  Partly environmental, using less gas and putting out less greenhouse gasses are good.   Partly because I've been to the islands where all you see is scooters.   I've been to parts of Asia and you see more scooters than cars.   I've been to parts of Europe and you see scooters everywhere.  It's a cheap easy way to get about and these trips put the idea into my mind that "Yea, maybe owning a Scooter ain't so bad."

It's also fun.

In a way I believe that America's future lies in 2 wheels.  Not that I expect to see a street scene out of China anytime soon.

But we have to be honest with ourselves.  America is going to become more urbanized in the future, partly because of the budgets local communities face, and ever growing gas prices.  Partly because people realize that living closer to where they actually work makes sense.  Scooters, bikes and motorcycles are smaller, cheaper and "fit" better in a more urbanized society.

I don't want this to turn into a political blog, although I am a dyed in the wool Democrat, I consider myself a realist as well.  We need to change our way of thinking and doing things in order to thrive in the future.   My little contribution towards that effort is this blog.

I'm still planning on writing about what I'm going through as a new rider but I think it's a bit foolish not to be just a little bit political.  Their are going to be things that affect me, as a rider and a person, that I feel need discussed.   So yea, I'm putting on the advocacy hat and painting my sign.   I'm a "biker" now (what ever the hell that means), a concerned citizen and I truly do believe that getting people - even one person - to look at something differently is a good thing.

So "Scooter Revolution!"   Why the hell not?


Kathi MacNaughton said...

I like how you think, Robert!

David Masse said...

Hi Robert, I'm really enjoying your blog. Thanks as well for the kind words. And by the way, the title of your blog was just fine with me. Keep the posts coming, and I'll keep reading.