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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away...

If the television was to be believed then their was a 50% chance of rain yesterday.   It is going to happen eventually I know, where I have no choice but to drive through a thunderstorm or get caught out in a torrential rainstorm.

Growing up I was told that it rained every day in Florida, and although I now know that was an old wives tale, a storm can come up out of no where.  It can last 5 minutes or all day.  So before taking off for work today I checked and saw showers at 3 PM and at 9 PM.  Unlike the TV, allows for a much more localized forecast.

It take me just under an hour to get to work, I start at 4 PM, and would be driving directly into the belly of the beast.

Normally I would not ride in the rain, I'm still a "newbi" and know enough to avoid putting myself into a potential dangerous situation.  For what ever reason though I decided to go.   I don't have a rain suit, although I do have a poncho.

I kept riding, riding, riding into the darkness ahead.   My Burgman has a ambient air  temperature gauge, which I kept an eye on as well.  I figured that if the temperature started to fall drastically that I would be heading into the rain.

It never did rain, the ride was uneventful.  At 9 PM the rain started to come down and I moved the bike from the parking lot to a covered area to keep it dry.

Today I have to ride into work again.  I have a 50% chance of getting rained on when I leave for work.   A 30% chance on the way home.  So do I roll the dice again?  Or play it safe?

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