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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

That fine line...defining what you are.

As I was writing this it occurred to me this may be the only time in the world when Audrey Hepburn and Hell's Angels are mentioned in the same article.  Admit it, your curious now.

The other day I was asked to move my scooter.  I almost said something about it's how it's not a's a bike.  Well technically it is a scooter but it feels more like a bike to me.  When you start getting into the upper engine displacement ranges the line between "bike" and "scooter" start to fade in my mind.  I can easily do 70 - 80 mph all day (the bike is capable of more but I'm not sure I am).  I can easily pass cars and other motorcycles.  So it's more than a "scooter" but in most people's minds, less than a motorcycle.

Does it really matter what it's called?  Piaggio, I understand, is either currently producing a 850cc scooter in Europe or has been working on the plans for one for some time.

It appears to be pretty slick and blurs the line between "Scooter" and "Bike" even more.  Some motorcycles now are automatic transmission as well, which used to be part of what defined a scooter.

I consider myself to be a "rider" not a "scooterist."  The term "Scooter" to me at least has connotations of the classic "Roman Holiday."  That is probably what most people think of when they hear the word "Scooter" - a small little two stroke Vespa which was probably capable of maybe 40 mph.

And two stars are born
When I decided to upgrade to a maxi scooter I was surprised how many of the little 50cc models from various manufacturer's were being made and sold.  I'm still in shock when I see people going 2 up on them.  Thank you Audrey Hepburn!

Mention the word "Biker" to people and they probably picture something straight out of the Hell's Angels catalog.  Which I am most definitively not, I do however have the scraggly beard.

So what the hell am I?  Does it really matter?  Why am I so obsessed with trying to define it?  What I do know is that I enjoy getting out on my Burgie and just riding, even if it's just going to work or up to the mall.  It's fun for me.

If I manage to save some gas, some money, help the Earth by lowering my Carbon Footprint all while smiling like some idiot well doing it, then more power to me.  I just wish more people would forget about what something is and just get out and ride, be it on a scooter, maxi scooter, or motorcycle.

Speaking of which...I think I'm going for a ride.  Till next time!


David Masse said...

I think that anyone who rides has more in common with any other rider than with non-riders. Yet each bike has its own style which it imparts to the rider. It's definitely more about art than mechanics. I enjoy your blog. Keep the posts coming.

SonjaM said...

I just finished watching an old biker movie from the 70's. One guy was riding a chopper style Harley, and everybody said: nice scooter! Where did you get your scooter? etc.

You are a motorcyclist, scooter or bike it doesn't make a difference. Ride and have fun!